Research Profiles, News, and Related Links:

Podcast interview / research profile: Logging into the Deep History of Climate with Erika Wise, Resources Radio, 9 April 2022.

Interview / news coverage of publication: America’s longest river was recently drier than during the Dust Bowl, The Washington Post, 11 May 2020.

The Timber Chronicles, Endeavors magazine, January 2020.

Focus Carolina segment aired on WCHL radio (2019).

Storm-track reconstruction published in Science Advances covered on Oregon Public Broadcasting and in The Atlantic.

Research featured in the Intro to Physical Geography video that’s part of the 12th (2017) edition of McKnight’s Physical Geography textbook – watch it HERE (my part starts around the 3:00 mark).

I climbed and cored some trees on Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown (2016) Lost Colony of Roanoke episode.

Endeavors magazine Women in Science feature (2016)

Invited blog post (2016) by C. Gray on Gray & Wise 2016 publication

UNC/CURS Fall Newsletter (2016): New Research Shows Five Centuries of West Coast Drought Patterns 

UNC/IE News (2016): Carolina professor’s research speaks for the trees

Leavenworth Echo Newspaper article (2014) covering Wise-McAfee-Csank citizen science outreach project

Relocating Ponderosa pine, Washington, USA, 2015

Relocating Ponderosa pine, Washington, USA, 2015. Photo by Michael Collier.

UNC/CURS News (2013): Geographer charts historical weather maps with tree rings

Upper Missouri River Project website

Lower Missouri River Project website