The Climate & Tree Ring Environmental Science (C-TRĒS) research group is led by Dr. Erika Wise and based in the Department of Geography at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Our research revolves around questions concerning synoptic climatology, dendrochronology, ocean-atmosphere oscillations, and water resources.

C-TRĒS commitment to providing a welcoming and equitable environment

The C-TRĒS research group is strongly committed to providing a welcoming space where people from diverse backgrounds can thrive. We believe that people with different experiences, skills, and perspectives strengthen our ability to think creatively and tackle important problems. We work to create an equitable and inclusive environment by fostering respectful and open dialogue, advancing leadership and mentoring skills, and valuing individual needs, styles, and career goals. Recognizing that structural inequalities and historical disparities exist in science and academia, we strive to put our commitment into practice through multiple avenues, including participation in efforts aimed at broadening participation of underrepresented groups, outreach to K-12 schools, service within professional societies, research engagement with decision makers and local communities, and readings & discussions concerning anti-discrimination strategies.

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Graduation Day 2022 for newly minted CTRES PhDs!

Bottom to Top: Manny Hernandez, Angélica Gómez, Karly Schmidt-Simard, and Erika Wise.