The C-TRĒS lab is led by Dr. Erika Wise. Interested in joining our group? See Student Opportunities.

Erika K. Wise, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography

PhD, University of Arizona, 2009           @WiseClimate

Angélica Gómez, PhD candidate, Dept. of Geography         

Manny Hernandez, PhD student, Dept. of Geography         @VientoMonzon

Carl Jurkowski, PhD student, Dept. of Geography

Karly Schmidt-Simard, PhD candidate, Dept. of Geography          @Quercus_hobbita

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

CTRES undergraduate researcher Taylor O’Brien


C-TRĒS alumni

Former Graduate Students:

Matthew Dannenberg, PhD, 2017. Now an Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa.

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Kelsey Ajo, Duncan Quevedo, Jocelyn Keung, Holly Kuestner, Claire Nelson, Zachary Pope, Dana Trumpower, Aly Worthem, Melissa Wrzesien, Lillian Wu